Artbook “Secret garage”


Favorite car customizations of the “Secret Garage” are collected in an atmospheric artbook. The cover looks like tools. The recesses are imitated by pleasant embossing.
The content suggests navigating immediately by the most interesting thing — the cars themselves.

A little story has been written for each car in both Russian and English languages, setting the right mood and immersing it even deeper into the atmosphere.

The headline fonts are inspired by Soviet typography. They perfectly reflect the spirit of the era, while looking modern and stylish.

You can purchase a book signed by the artist Andrey Tkachenko personally.



Chaika, GAZ-24, niva, Moskvich and others – more than 50 of your favorite customs from Andrey’s fantasies in one edition. An exclusive gift for lovers of Andrey’s art and stylish concept art.
Specifications: A4 format, 124 pages in hardcover, edition of 600 copies.

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