Andrey Tkachenko

Andrey Tkachenko is an industrial designer and custom cars artist. The main theme of his art and his passion – vintage Soviet cars and fantasies regarding passed ages. Cars, robots and other fantastic mechanisms: Andrey creates his own alternative universe – the USSR, which hasn’t ever existed.
“My whole life from childhood to my current job is connected with cars. Its diversity has always impressed me: different brands, models, modifications. But that was not enough for me.
One day I found out that there are artists who take standard cars and modify them, creating new stories. They give new life to modern and historical cars, interpreting the essence of each model in their own way!
This acquaintance turned my life upside down. I got a culture shock, and the world started playing with new colors. This is how my story with the parallel USSR and the “Secret Garage” began.

Hope that you will discover something interesting and close to yourself, fantasizing and plunging into the world of the parallel USSR…”
Andrey Tkachenko